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Custom is the name of the game for certain riders. There are just some things you can’t buy off the shelf. Custom builds simply last longer and are key to the cyclist in the know.

In 35 years of cycling, we have constructed wheels for road, track, mountain, cyclo-cross, ’round the world touring and more. We have the experience to create custom wheels like no other. We have comprehensive experience, with a wide range of highly specialized race wheels, which has enabled us to develop a unique wheel building technique. Our wheel building method involves meticulous attention to fine details that may not be visible to the eye, but are crucial to the durability and performance of highly stressed wheels. All of our wheels receive the same level of attention to detail, whether you are a veteran pro or a recreational cyclist. No matter what kind of cyclist you are, you will feel and appreciate the difference. We believe that custom is the best way to increase your performance, provide the style that fits your bike and all around make you fly.  

If you’re in need of a custom build, from bikes to wheels, we’re the company for you. Merlyn marries old world craftsmanship with new world technology. And with expert cycling industry experience, we’ve got the race knowledge to make your dream build a reality. Please note, part and color combinations are limitless. Contact us to get started.

The Merlyn Mechanics difference provides:

We provide the highest quality wheel parts and the strongest builds available. Every wheel is handmade to provide you a custom product built to your specs to ensure a perfect and balanced wheel that will last for thousands of miles.
At Merlyn Mechanics, custom is key. We work with each customer to create a unique build catered to each individual’s specifications. We’ll help you select the ideal build based upon riding style, weight, durability, and of course budget.
Custom should be available to the masses, not just the elite. We work to provide you with the longevity that comes with a custom build and the uniqueness of a product that fits you specifically.