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What’s the number one bike component that makes cyclists fly? The wheels …

The quest for wheels has always been about speed and agility. “Custom” is the bees knees in the art of racing and the execution of movement. Merlyn Mechanics is a custom bicycle wheel building company that provides “built-to-order” wheels to cycling fanatics, bike shops, manufacturers and frame building companies who need specialized wheels for their customers.

Why Custom? Would you buy art off an assembly line? So why would you do that with your wheels? If you want to be just like the person next to you with cookie cutter wheels then custom isn’t for you. Custom is for the person with discerning taste and a specific need. Even if that need is simply to ride like hell. 

We’re artisan custom bicycle wheelbuilders who build a product catered to your custom needs. It’s an evolution of old world craftsmanship, married to new world technology. And with 30 years experience in the cycling industry, we’ve got the race knowledge and experience to build your custom dream wheels into a reality. Color combinations are limitless. We like the idea that your bike looks like its own entity. As in not just a frame with a bunch of parts thrown onto it. We often powder coat spokes, rims and hubs to acquire the desired effect.

So, let’s work together. Please contact us to get started.